Polish President dies in an air crash.

Article published on April 10, 2010
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Article published on April 10, 2010
Source:Kathimerini Tupolev 154 aircraft carrying the Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed shortly before landing at the airport in the Russian city announced Pyotr Paskofski representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry. "The plane fell on trees, crashed and caught fire," he said on Polish television TVN24.

"Inside the aircraft were on the president, his wife, the Chief of Army Staff and the Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer," he added.

Tthe press office of the Central Bank of Poland announced that the chairman of the Central Bank of Poland was on board.

Polish official in Smolensk said earlier that there was fog in the area.

There are no survivors from the crash in the west of Smolensk in Russia.

"There are survivors of the disaster," said Sergei Antoufief a telephone conversation with broadcaster Vesti-24.

While approaching the runway, "the aircraft plowed into trees, crashed and caught fire," said.

132 were the occupants of the Polish presidential aircraft according to the official representative of the Russian Prosecutor Vladimir Markinos.

Earlier the Russian authorities had announced that the dead from the fall of the aircraft were 87.

The Polish delegation was about to make an honorary visit to the monument to the victims of the tragedy Katina where mandated by J. Stalin massacred 4,000 Polish soldiers.