''PKK: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists''

Article published on Oct. 13, 2010
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Article published on Oct. 13, 2010
Today I attended a great Workshop over PKK: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists from the Research Institute of European and American Studies. The first open discussion in Greece about PKK, since 1999, when Greek Government (Kostas Simitis in power) handed Abdullah Öcalan, PKK's leader to the Turkish authorities.

Ocalan-Apo11.jpgAbdulah Ocalan

Among the issues discussed: Inside Ocalan's mind: Terrorist or geopolitician? where George Filis (editor , Military Balance and Geopolitics Journal) made an analysis based on Ocalan's geopolitical ideas.

Filis has read stuff that Ocalan wrote in Imrali prison, letter of 23rd May, stressing Ocalan's abilities to understand changes in the world scene and adapt things in way.

According to some panelists there is a coincidence of interest between Kurdish and Western, well not to forget that things have come upside down in Middle East after the wars and the whole geopolitic sight is in constant change.

Shall we see a Kurdish State? Who knows? Greek officials believe so. One thing is sure, the Kurdish issue is an important one since it will play an important role at the ongoing changes in middle East. Kurdish people are 40 millions spread over 4 countries. Shuttered Irak is one of them and the Americans were overprotecting Kurdish people in Irak.

The general remark? Whatever Greece decides to do, which 'thesis' shall choose, Greek policy should be deeply thinking and not just a reaction or out of fear response towards irrational (Turkish or not) demands.

What I really appreciated was at the end of a panelist' speech, he asked the rhetorical question, was George Washington a terrorist for British? or Nelson Mandela? or Simon Bolivar for the Spanish? or Che Guevara? Is Ocalan a terrorist or a freedom fighter...?!!

More about the workshop and the participants you can contact John Nomikos here.