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Article published on Feb. 15, 2011
Article published on Feb. 15, 2011
The 61st Berlin film festival marks the first 'biological' Berlin film festival. It features charity water (a percentage of all sales go to childrens projects in developing countries), energy saving red carpet lights and a carbon emission reducing festival partner in Entega.
The German daily jokes that the Berlinale should also become a completely feminist film festival though: women use far less co2 after all!


From the corner of the Berlinale, around forty people attended Berlin's Green Cinema debate on 11 February in Berlin's tazcafe.

ADEBFUNK In a panel moderated by French journalist Sebastien Vannier...

ADEBMOD our guest participants Ernst-Alfred Mueller (oekofilmtour), Johanna Schulz (Medienberatung Technische University Berlin) and Natalie Gravenor (EYZ Media GbR)

ADEBNAMES ... came together to debate:

ADEBPARTCan green cinema influence ecological practice? What does the term mean? Does a genre even exist?

ADEBLIS The debate was attended by members of, and you can read articles and see slideshows from a special 'Green Europe in Berlin' edition by Laura Tangre, Melanie de Groot van Embden, Concha Hierro and Ester Arauzo in March in six languages on

ADEBJOU There were even home-baked cakes from the Berlin team to celebrate the magazine's ten-year anniversary (pictured, Christiane Loetsch, for our tummies, thanks Sandra Wickert)

ADEBCAKE A billion thanks to the Berlin team who organised the debate, and who were also our hosts for the four days in Berlin (L-R Stefano Lipiello, Sergio Marx and far right Christiane Loetsch. Thanks also to Matthias Jekosch)

ADEBSTEFSERG If you're feeling brave with your German, read an account of the debate on the Berlin blog here

The next debate for Green Europe on the Ground, our monthly cities reporting subjects on all issues green, takes place in ROME on 26 February. SEE YOU THERE!

All images courtesy of our resident Berlinale photographer Katarzyna Swierc