Photos: the China dream in Shanghai and Guanghzou

Article published on July 15, 2008
Article published on July 15, 2008

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As preparations for the Beijing Olympics in August gain momentum, spectacular urban facilities are taking shape across China. View through the keyhole

China today is an endless construction site; it collapses onto itself and then is reborn from its own ashes, just like the Phoenix after its own immortality

The Chinese dream is the dream of a country that is incredibly confidant

The Chinese dream is fragmented by a mixture of thousands of years which have contained misery, diversity, and success. It is one dream, formed by thousands of dreams, all stacked and linked up to each other. Each of the dreams' voices is heard despite certainty promulgated in the name of progress

Worker inside his house. A dream without its utopia; the pragmatism of this new framework of life which is imposed from above

China has embryonic-like cities that are as small as villages. The city is like a foreign element which has been grafted over a rural empire

A one-way metamorphosis which does not tolerate hesitation nor slowdown