Photos: Santa Cruz life-size in Seville

Article published on June 10, 2008
Article published on June 10, 2008

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The district of Santa Cruz in the old centre is like a miniature Spain colourfully displayed by the numerous rare buildings of such imposing beauty. A genuine museum of Hispanic folklore

The tourist is left in awe: Moorish tower after Moorish tower, Jewish and Catholic quarters, all luxurious and warming, Seville is an exotic monument both historically and culturally. Opposite: the Giralda Tower. On the left, the gardens of Alcazares, an abundance of red and yellow. A splattering of flashes. Welcome to Santa Cruz.

Here, everything is there to satisfy the many avid Spanish tourists: flamenco bibelots AOC, little plastic dancers, sangria - Ole! Polka-dot froufrous and castanets are laid out between the café and restaurants terraces where you can buy ‘assorted tapas’ at whatever hour of the day or sip upon ‘a mug of sangria’ for only eight Euros. Santa Cruz, or however you call it to your friends, is the coloured version of the clichéd Spain.