PES Committee of Regions photo competition 2011: young photographers, try your luck !

Article published on June 17, 2011
Article published on June 17, 2011
The PES group Committee of Regions launches its fourth photo competition for young photographers-amateurs. The theme for this new edition ? The mobility of European youngsters... as you see it ! What is this about ? "I live therefrore I move/ I move therefore I live... Sounds like a great motto !

Show how you capture the mobility of this Eurogeneration where you belong too © Groupe PSE

Those young people who leave home to live/ study or work in another country of the EU: who are they ? what are they looking fore and how do you see them ?

Who are the competitors ?

All amateurs but also photography students from 16 to 35 year old. No matter what your nationality is as long as you live in one of the 27 countries of the EU.

Awards will depend on the category you belong to: sweet 16-17 year old on one side/ 18-35 year old on the other side. But everybody will be fully satisfied !

How do I participate ?

Send a picture that reveales the way you perceive those young travellers before June 30th at midnight.

Daring, originality and sensitivity: your picture has to be the greatest one !

Good luck to all of you !

This competition has been launched since the 1st of March so hurry !