Persecution of dissidents in Estonia

Article published on Sept. 17, 2008
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Article published on Sept. 17, 2008
Who are dissidents in Estonia?

The dissidents are persons who don’t accept ideas of the President (an American) and its Governmet, who put questions to the politicians and require them to provide to solv some social problem, who try to unit the devided Estonian society, who try to convince the politician to begin politics of the integration of the Russianspeakings, who is anti-Nazist or anti-Fashist, who is not agree with propaganda of the Government that the Estonian Nazis fought for Estonia and Estonia was an ally of Hitler, who is not agree with the lies of the Estonian politicians and with the falsification of the national history, who ask the politician for defending the national interests and not the American ones... … …

One of the commentators expressed his opinion that I write here "freely enough". Unfortunately, it is not so. I received the first threat some years ago – when I try to do something to help abused Russianspeaking children. There are no native Russianspeaking specialist whom abused children can turn to and tell about own problems – all (or mayby almost all) specialist are native Estonians. As a consequence of the politics of hatred, discrimination, aprtheid and intollerancy to Russianspeakings and Russians in Estonia (I’ll describe it in detail in the future posts), the Russianspeaking children don’t trust to native Estonianspeaking specialists and keep their problems to them. The language to write denounces is only Estonian and all proceedings are hold in Estonian, the translator-interprete service is exaggeratedly expensive.

I received a lot of threats after doing the critics of the official "program" of integration and offering some possible ways of solving of the problem of the segregation of the Russianspekings and aparthaid (published on my another blog).

I was asked great many time to close my blogs. Now I’m advised by some human right associations – they advised me not to drive a car in Estonia (the Estonian Policy can make a heavy injust fine or arrest without a reason or with a false accusation), not to live in the place where I’m officially registered, not to tell on telephone about my private life, to have always the testimonies – nice, isn’t? However, I can’t beleive my blog has some importance – I’m only a simple citizen, but the threats attest the high level of racial hatred in Estonia.

Some testimony about persecution of other persons are under here.

1. (message 2)

An Armenian man living in Estonia Sarkis Tatevosjan is the member of the organisation "Meie partei – Õigluse partei" ("Our party – a party of justice" – is a group of the persons who dreams to create a new-mode party in Estonia, it is not the party yet) which try to unite the Estonian society and stop the racial-national hatred between the Estonians and Russianspeaking. This organization was created only 8 month ego but today Sarkis Tatevosjan feel be a little bit persecuted. Sarkis travels a lot, after he became a member of "Meie partei" the "KAPO" Policy (a kind of Policy) began to search his baggage obsessingly whyle other passengers are not controlled.

Sarkis writes:

What are the guide-lines of such a pressing treatment organised by KAPO in base of my dissident ideas? Isn’t the Estonian regim totalitary, is it? A don’t understand something?

I know I don’t do anything illegal that’s why I request to explain me because I am wrong.

Because I have put a question to Mart Laar (an Estonian politician, ex communist, glorifier of the Estonian Nazis and re-writer of the History) requesting the prooves of his accusation of Russia?

Because the Estonian President is an American citizen? And I’m not sure he is interested to protect the interests of the Estonian people because the interests of the Americans are more important to him?

Because the Russian children in Estonian shools are non permitted to speak Russian in the break-time?

Because we have to survive an economy crisis caused by Ansip’s Government (Andrus Ansip is the Premier Minister of Estonia, ex communist famous for his brutality in repression of a demonstration for independence of Estonia in the Soviet time) instead of partecipation in the Georgia war as a Georgian ally?

Because our Government is indifferent to the tragedy of the killed Ossetians in Tshinvali? Aren’t they human, why our Government don’t express the symphaty to their relatives?

Because there are more than 100 000 persons to whom our Government refuse to give the citisenship and they can’t feel themselves as equal memeber of our society?

Dear KAPO agents, explain me please, what I’m wrong in? (I’m sure You read our site).


(Автору книги "Бронзовый солдат" угрожают)

A Finnish sociologist and politologist Johan Bäckman, author of the book "Pronssisoturi — Viron patsaskiistan tausta ja sisältö" ("The Bronze Soldier - the real reasons and essence of the Estonian fightings around the monument"), was menaced with death. Bekman told it to the Austrian journal "Der Standard".

The Estonian politicians don’t like this man because he writes about apartheid in Estonia and the politician want to hide it from the European public opinion. Bekman forsees Estonia in the Russian Federation during next years and think people don’t trust more to Nato and European Union having cosidered the Georgia situation.


(Листовки призывают русских создать автономию )

Aleksandr Kotov – a member of the ССЗНП (an organization of the Russianspeakings and Russians in the North-East of Estonia) declare that the members of organisation are “taken” (arrested) by Police without any accusation on the streets and forced to “dialogue”.


(Снова допрос статья 262)

On 13 of August a citizen Maksim Reva put flowers and a candle in front of the Embassy of the USA, like many other Estonian sitizens. He expressed his symphaty to the Ossetians - victims of the Georgian Army. This sitizen put flowers and another candle in front of the Russian Embassy in the same day and almost the same time. Now he is accused of violation of Law and order nearby the USA Embassy because this action is considered as a crime by the Estonian Police. He is not accused of the same violations nearby the Russian Embassy. Express own opinion in front of the USA Embassy is a crime in Estonia. It seems that the USA Embassy declared to feel to be damaged by this expression of the opinion, that’s why the cirizen is charged with an indefinit crime. In the same time the USA cries to be a defencor of the democracy in the world… The Policy refused to explain the precise accusation to the citizen – the accusation is vague and not based on facts.

Maksim Reva is else accused of organisation of disorders of April 2007 (question of the anti-Nazis statue), but some analist thinks the organiser was an Estonian Government and the aim was to have Nato bases in Estonia (read “Военно-политические аспекты "апрельских событий" в Эстонии” at The Estonian Governmet deceived the world about "great hackers attacks" (it was only one young Estonian men and the "attack" was extremily primitive – the real hackers make fun about it, he is just condamned; 2 other men of Pridnestrovie procaimed they did attackes but there are no prooves yet) and after that the Nato Cyber Center was created in Estonia, maybe for spying upon Russia. Seeing the video of the begginning of the disorder (at YouTube) we can see that the Police was too aggressive and attacked disarmed people, who was peacefully protesting and doing requests to the Government.