Article published on March 30, 2008
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Article published on March 30, 2008
by Irena Mujkić Peace on the world… Will we ever be able to say that is peace on the world?! Like facts shows – NEVER! People are fighting because of the different races, religions, cultures, because of different thoughts, interests and aims. People are so rotten that they are because of that ready to kill, steal, abuse and destroy.

Now when I`m in peace writing this essey, people on the different parts of the world are dieing and suffering. And the most tragical thing is that are dying kids, suffering people that have never done anything bad never on the evil thought.

Many times when I have a trouble and I thing that my world is tearing down I thought on poor people who are right now in war, I thought on their sadness and suffer. And then I realise that my »problem« isn`t problem.

I was only a child when was war in my generic country – Bosnia and Herzegovina and I still remember how impatiently we were waiting calls of our relatives to hear that they`re alive and healthy. I can remember my mom`s tears when she heard that someone of our family died. I was too little to understand all that, but there are moments that will always stay on my mind.

And what to do for better tomorrow? What to do for peace on the world? That`s very difficult question, bacause we »generally mortality« have tied hands, because here are people bellow us who are adjudgeing about that. But we can do much more for peace in our family, peace in our schools and peace in our society whereas are also happening troubles whose some people adducting to psychic crisis, pain and some of them do suaside or just kill someone without the reason.

So do something for peace on the world! Stop disturbing yourself with absurdity problems and try to help someone… Together we are stronger and together we can do something for better tomorow! Right to life in peace have everyone!

Make love, not war!