Article published on March 30, 2008
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Article published on March 30, 2008
Maybe we have democratic states, but where are our democratic rights? Everything is just about money and how to make more and more money. No matter what we must do to get it. Tell lies, steal and kill. Make new and better weapons, make nuclear weapons, even better. And then make war. Who cares about other people and their lives. Be selfish and egotistical, be proud because you're rich.
With money you have power, you are stronger.

But too many people are hungry and they are scared and afraid for their lives.

And what do you do?

Like a dog who smells and follows the meat, you walk a road behind money. Because you are crazy about money and material goods.

Oh, I forget …We live in a world which is based upon a capitalist system.

So, where is democracy and peace? I would like to hear your answer.

Mihaela Kofol from Nova Gorica