Oscar Pistorius

Article published on July 18, 2007
Article published on July 18, 2007
"I don’t see myself as a disabled. I am just a man without legs." Oscar Pistorius of South Africa runs the 400 meters. He has both legs amputated and dreams the Olympic games. "I am unilateral amputee and Oscar has two prostheses that improve his performance, especially the 200 and 400 meters. Let him run with the unilateral amputees is not fair.

Marlon Shirley is from USA and world record man in the 100 meters for amputees.

"The spring in the limbs gives Pistorius a three to four meter stride which is not humanly possible and hence an unfair advantage."

Davies is spokesman of the International Association of Athletics Federations.

In your opinion, can Oscar take part in the Olympic games?

Drawing by Gianluca Costantini