Orient Express Reporter ‘Tripled’ - call for journalists based in France, Germany and Balkans

Article published on Dec. 12, 2011
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Article published on Dec. 12, 2011
Rediscover Europe - maybe your own country - through stereotype-smashing reports. In partnership with the Paris-based Franco-German office for journalists (OFAJ), cafebabel.com invites you to take part in a unique journalistic experience for 2012.

kosovo© Ezequiel Scagnetti for Orient Express Reporter, Pristina, February 2011

OER3 – 3 times better

After a hugely successful Orient Express Reporter series of reports, which took place monthly over 2010/ 2011 in every Balkan city as well as Istanbul, 2011/ 2012 sees the comeback of Orient Express Reporter - with an added twist.

A project within a project, ‘Orient Express Reporter Tripled’ offers three young Europeans based in France, Germany and a south eastern European (SEE) country the chance to write TWO feature reports from TWO countries – one in France or Germany, and one in the Balkans/ Turkey. This presents an opportunity not only to report ‘abroad’, but also to showcase a theme from your own (neighbouring) country in an article.

montenegro© Simon Chang for Orient Express Reporter, Podgorica, December 2010

That’s our version of Orient Express reporter to the power of three!

The return ticket: THREE journalists, TWO feature reports each


From December 2011 to October 2012


Each group will be composed of one journalist based in France, one journalist based in Germany and one journalist from a SEE country.

The countries of the feature reports are Serbia, Germany, Croatia, France, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey. Applicants should be resident in one of these countries.

tiranaBosnian and Spanish journalists for Orient Express Reporter, Tirana, May 2011 © Sladjana Perkovic


- cafebabel.com editors recruits four journalist ‘trios’ before assisting each individual on defining the angles of their articles

- Applications are only accepted on your initiative to do the necessary research before leaving for the project – this includes latest statistics, interviewees and material for atmosphere of the article. For this you need to already present a brief for each country you will visit (one in Balkans/ Turkey, the other in France or Germany)

- The written pieces are due in strictly one week later, when the relevant linguistic editor from Paris HQ will edit your article and send it off for translation.

- Both articles will be published on this blog, OER Tripled which is dedicated to the project - in up to three languages - and selected articles will be republished on cafebabel.com the magazine in six languagues.

- For each report, your travel and per diem expenses will be reimbursed up to 250 euros for local expenses and 350 euros for the travel to the report destination and back home

sarajevo© Boris Svartzman for Orient Express Reporter, Sarajevo, November 2010


Please send your CV, cover letter, article proposals and links to your other articles or photo slideshows to editors@cafebabel.com before 29 February.

It’s your proposals that will get you noticed for this mission: so be creative, do some research before applying, flog your idea donkeys to me.

belgrade© Damien Rayuela for Orient Express Reporter, Belgrade, January 2011

Do not waste time emailing cafebabel.com without these elements: your email will not be considered.

Look forward to hearing from you!