Orgasm.Inc and the industry of female pleasure

Article published on Nov. 23, 2010
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Article published on Nov. 23, 2010
by Angelina Bassi When filmmaker Liz Canner was hired to create a montage of clips for use in the trials of a new product designed to combat Female Sexual Disfunction, she had little idea that she was falling down the rabbit hole of an entirely new reality. In the world of FDS, there is nothing that cant be improved by the application of pills, creams, or electronic gizmos.
Suddenly perfectly normal women were convinced that their orgasms werent right because they didnt go into spontaneous writhing climax at the mere of sight of a man. This point is driven home, as it were, by a montage of films clips that depict women in states of other worldly orgasm.

It would be funny, if it werent quite so sad. Vivus, the American pharmaceutical company that originally hired Canner to put together her erotic videos, threw research dollars at the quest for what they called the Female Viagra but things didnt go precisely as planned.

Canner takes careful aim not only at the drug companies but also the army of doctors, salesmen, and television hucksters like Dr. Laura Berman, who try to convince women that there is something terribly wrong with them. Gone are the days when Judy Chicagos Dinner Party celebrated the vagina in all its colour, shape, size and diversity; now there is only one vagina that is acceptable and palatable. That this version resembles that of a 12-year old girl is perhaps one the most disturbing trends of contemporary sexuality. In many other parts of the world, the fight against female circumcision rages on, while in North America, the vaginal rejuvenation industry gets bigger (while actual vaginas get smaller) every year.

But even as the female sexual dysfunction industry explodes, ordinary women are increasingly confused about their own bodies. One woman interviewed in

the film embarked on a radical quest to achieve the mysterious and elusive vaginal orgasm, a process that involved running electrodes up her spine and connecting her to a jolt of electricity. Another woman almost bled to death after undergoing labial surgery. This is an interesting companion piece to The Erectionman as well as a testimonial to the power of advertising, media and giant corporations (there all in cahoots, it would appear) to deny women the right to enjoy their perfectly normal orgasms, however they come.

Liz Canner ended up making a shocking but hilarious film, Orgasm Inc., which is causing a storm in America as it sets out to expose the drug companies and doctors

who are now locked in a race to produce a 'female Viagra' - a treatment that promises women a super-charged sex life in a pill.

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