Opinion: Stand with Greece - a call for a united Europe

Article published on July 3, 2015
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Article published on July 3, 2015

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Call me crazy. After watching footage of the protest "Glasgow stands with Greece", I felt the urgent need to stand up and speak out for the one European ideal that has given me, and all of us, so much: democracy.

 So I signed up for Café Babel and decided to try my hand at starting a grassroots movement. Do I have any experience? No. Will it work? No idea. Call me an idealist.  

I simply don't believe that a whole nation should be subjugated to disastrous austerity measures to account for the greed of wealthy bankers and corrupt politicians - not just in Greece, I am also talking about the ones in Brussels! What do we want fellow Europeans? A Europe broken in two - with a poor Southern block and richer Northern block? Let's ask the Belgians how that is working out for them, shall we?

Or do we have the illusion that after the Greek people have been brought to their knees and asked to repay sums of money they will never be able to pay back (even now only 10% of the bailout money has been used for the Greek economy. The rest has been spent on repaying debt!), another little Adolf won't stand up to give the Greek their national pride back? Think this isn't already happening? Google 'Golden Dawn'.

The Greek people have now chosen a left wing government. They are hoping for our solidarity. They don't want to get off the hook, they just don't want to be destroyed.

And is debt forgiveness really so impossible, so un-European? Heck, we did it for Poland as recently as 1991 and for Germany only 8 years after WWII! Earlier this year, this still seemed a viable solution. But now it is a no-go because the Greeks have behaved 'badly' and need to be taught a lesson... Really? Greece should be on the 'naughty step' but Germany gets off the hook? Let's compare notes on what 'behaving badly' actually means!

And talking about debt: if you loan 467 million euros from someone, repay only 115 million and later unilaterally declare the debt repaid and case closed, does the other party still have a right to contest that decision and claim their money back? Because that is the background behind the Greek claim that Germany repay their war debt as promised.

Anyway. Enough of this.

I am calling for a more humane solution to the Euro crisis than kicking Greece - the birthplace of our shared civilisation - out of Europe or even the Eurozone. Are we really going to let a bunch of bad economic decisions dictate the future of our Union? Are we going to throw away 70 years of peace because a bunch of greedy Greek and EU oligarchs (and the usual banking suspects I might add) can't resist making even more money...? Do you think any of them are suffering right now together with the average Greek Joe Schmo?

GREXIT isn't being pushed because Greece caused a war - because apparently THAT can all be forgiven (right The Netherlands, just keep calling it a "police action" against Indonesia instead of a massive military offensive) - but because they made a bunch of stupid financial decisions and dared to elect a left wing "populist." Because, let's face it, Alexis Tsipras is a danger to Europe, but the US-EU-NATO sponsored new Neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine is...not?!

I am calling for a United Europe. A people's version of a United Europe. Let's stand together with our Greek brothers and sisters and support them in their fight for a better solution. Because it's not US versus THEM as the media would have us believe, but all of us against a small group of greedy elites who are hurting everyone, no matter where in Europe you live...

#StandwithGreece #UnitedEurope #Oxitoausterity