Oktoberfest – not only a beer celebration!

Article published on Oct. 25, 2010
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Article published on Oct. 25, 2010
Author: Slavomíra Gašperová Photos: Slavomíra Gašperová

What will you get, if you try to put a word “Oktoberfest” into Google? You will find a quantum of photos – mostly many beautiful women in traditional Bavarian costume called “Dirndl“, crowded festival tents and millions of one-liter glasses of beer. But the celebration of Oktoberfest in Munich is not only a festival of beer! First of all, it is a great feast of Bavarian history, traditions, costumes, music and, of course, beer.

Celebrating October in September?

Why do German people (and nowadays European inhabitants) actually celebrate these days? And even more – why is Oktoberfest celebrated in September? Well, everything started in the year 1810. The Bavarian prince Ludwig and his bride, Theresia from Saxony, announced their date of wedding. There was a great feast related to this future marriage, and the common people also wanted to experience it. That is why they organised a great 2-week “wedding party“, at the turn of September and October linked with everything Bavarian – beer, food, music, costumes and traditions.

Not only Bavarians, but also Salzburger and people from other parts of Germany and Austria were invited to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Especially for this event, a great meadow – Theresienwiese – named after the noble bride – had been selected. It used to be a periphery of Munich in the past but today it is situated directly in the city.

The beginning of this celebration looks as if the time went back! All the people living in Munich wear special Bavarian costumes – men are in leather trousers called “Lederhose“ and no Munich girl goes out without “Dirndl“ – a corset which underlines their beauty. Even an EMO girl with several piercings, who I met in the underground, was wearing this beautiful costume! My friend Martha who is almost 80 years old said: “I am really very old, but me and my husband just MUST go to town to see the ceremonial processions. We are Munichans and it behoves us!“

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