Numero 28 Opens a New Location in Forest Hills to Serve Clients with Brunch and Happy Hour Specials.

Article published on May 16, 2018
Article published on May 16, 2018

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Numero 28 Opens in Forest Hills a new location. The famous small italian chain arrives in Queens, New York.

Residents of Forest Hills no longer have to worry about the place to go for their favorite brunch and happy hour specials. That’s because Numero 28 just opened in the area. The Neapolitan-styled pizzeria will be operating its first location in Queens in the area known as “Restaurant Row”, which is known as one of the hippest places around.

Numero 28 doesn’t just operate the usual pizza joints.

Its pies are specially baked wood-fired brick ovens to attain perfect consistency.

Rolando Biamonte, one of Numero 28’s co-founders, is happy with this latest milestone. He describes the pies the restaurant makes as “cooking perfection.” A bite of these pies proves that Biamonte’s claims are not without merit. Biamonte, who is a fifth generation pizza maker, has always opened new locations based entirely on:

  • His family’s renowned secret recipes

  • The best most original ingredients

The restaurant relies purely on ingredients from Italy. One of its highly celebrated ingredients is the creamy buffalo mozzarella, which the establishment sources from Battipaglia, an Italian city in Campania. Thus far, clients have thronged the new location in Forest Hills to sample some of the restaurant’s signature foods.

Today, clients can order three different types of pizzas, which are:

  • DOC

  • Margherita

  • Reginella

The wood-burning oven used in cooking the pies and pizzas reminds diners of Italy. Numero 28 has imported that idea from Biamonte’s country of origin into Forest Hills where its clients will enjoy a similar experience. This method is used in preparing wide-ranging pizzas. It helps in making classic toppings, superb combinations, and several odd types too.

The ambience may not be something worth writing home about, but the quality of food and the service that clients receive at Numero 28 in Forest Hills surely is. Nevertheless, its casual and trendy as well as intimate ambience looks perfect for the restaurant. Clients can also ask parking space for their bikes. The establishment is accessible via wheelchair as well.

Payments can be made via credit cards.

It offers take-outs and deliveries too.

Numero 28’s newly launched location in Forest Hills will operate every day (Monday-Sunday) between 12pm and 10pm. Over the weekend (that is, from Friday to Sunday), it extends its opening hours by between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It is the perfect restaurant to visit for dinner. While enjoying your dinner, you have the option of eating outside or outdoors.

Numero 28’s new location in Forest Hills improves the pizzeria experience substantially!

It offers clients one more excellent facility to visit for a bite of their favorite pizza or pie!