Now it is official, Serbia is a candidate

Article published on March 8, 2012
Article published on March 8, 2012
By Aris Kokkinos, translated by Julie Schwannecke The European Council, which assembled in Brussels the 1rst and 2nd of March, has acknowledged Serbia as a candidate for entry into the EU.
According to the recommendation of 28th of February of the General Affairs Council, the European Council estimates that Serbia has demonstrated a trustful effort in its engagement in fulfilling the expected conditions.

Serbia’s regional cooperation with its neighbours and its collaboration with the European missions (EULEX) and UNO missions (KFOR) have been taken into consideration by the Council. Thus the retention from Rumania and Lithuania could be overcome. Serbia presented its candidature in December 2009. If this country passes through the admission process then one more country of former Yugoslavia will be joining the EU, after Slovenia (2004) and Croatia (2013).

Remember that also Montenegro and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have obtained the status of candidate country.

Still talking about the Balkans, the entry of Bulgaria and Rumania into Schengen has also been subject of discussion. But a definitive conclusion still remains, the decision has not been taken yet. Van Rompuy hopes to find a positive outcome from now until September. Bulgaria and Rumania are condemned to remain patient until then.