Article published on Sept. 13, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 13, 2007
This seems to be the expression that guided the British in their struggle against the undesired constructions situated close to their home. Shouted or not, this motto proves the interest of the Albion’s inhabitants towards the preservation of the green spaces.

poza_green_1.JPGThis way, they succeeded at the middle of the 70s to stop the building of a business centre on a green space. As a consequence of their constant fight, the first urban farm was developed (Mudchute Farm), near the second financial centre in London.

In Romania, day by day we have to face the uninspiring view of the buildings that do not fit in the historical and aesthetic context of our cities. Buildings made out of glass near old and bad preserved houses, gas stations and commercial or business centres built on the last scraps of the city’s green space.

There’s of no importance the fact that an inhabitant from Bucharest benefits only 11 sqm of green space while in Viena each one enjoys 70 sqm., while the European average is of 12 sqm. There’s of no importance that one can barely see some green space between so many buildings we have. And it is of little concern the fact that in Bucharest or other Romanian cities, we are becoming more and more overwhelmed by buildings.

poza_2.JPG The Romanian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development made some steps forward by starting project which will ensure 26 sqm of green space for each inhabitant. Attila Korodi, the present Minister, stated that until the end of the year 50 new parks will be developed. It’s an important measure considering the fact that for the first time after 1990, the Romanian Government actually takes effective measures for improving the green spaces within the cities. On the other hand, we cannot blame the Government that it didn’t do anything till now, since the lack of green spaces is not one of the major preoccupations for Romanians. According to the CURS poll (Bucharest - 2006), 39% of the respondents declare themselves concerned about the vegetal preservation, while just 16% are very concerned about it, while the majority, a 40%, states that this topic is not a matter of interest for them.

People must become more aware of the importance that the environment has for their lives, before it would be too late and the only green place where we could take a walk would be a virtual park.

by Claudia Calin