News from the Network: Let’s give the floor to our local teams

Article published on Dec. 2, 2008
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Article published on Dec. 2, 2008
In October we presented to you in a first internal newsletter some insights from the life and the activities of our network. Check it out here! Local teams have been since the Babel Ackademy quite busy preparing the EU Debate on the ground project. Check out the calendar here and get involved! If you want to know more about this project, please contact Monika! On 13th of November, cafebabel.
com has been awarded with a Golden Star for the EU Reporter project. This has only been possible thanks to the amazing work of our local teams: Check out the delegation and the pictures taken during the Award ceremony!

Insights from our local teams

The Sevilla team recruited a new member and welcomes Caroline on board! On the blog side they have covering the Sevilla European Cinema Festival and in December they are organizing a funny street happening in order to attract the attention of the civil society in Sevilla to Check out the Sevilla blog for more information about it!

Our Praha team participated in the workshop Ordinary Lives which took place on 6 November 2008 in Prague (organized by AMO) in order to create a debate among Czech students and migrants coming to the Czech Republic from Eastern Europe. Katarina Loksova, member of the Praha team has written an article about this event for, which will be published in December.

The Budapest team has successfully launched an internship programme and recruited new team members. One of the most popular women’s magazine called Nők Lapja in Hungary interviewed Veronika during the Golden Stars Award Ceremony, so we are looking forward to see there soon an article about and the Budapest team! Csilla became the EU Debate2009 Coordinator. She is also the manager of Streets of Europe blog where your pictures are welcome.

The Tallinn team organized the first EU Debate on the ground in October. Check out the city blog, we’ll post soon some pictures from the ground! Paris is right now preparing EU Debate on the ground for December, so keep La Parisienne watched. And don’t forget about the other city blogs in order to know what is going on around Europe!

Tallinn on the ground Here is the delegation in Tallinn!

Many thanks to Concha, Vitek and Csilla for their input!