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Article published on Feb. 14, 2008
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Article published on Feb. 14, 2008
Here is the : The team is relaunching its blog! Welcome back guys and a big thanks to Thamar for making this happen. Their first post is about also translated into Dutch (don't forget to post the links in between the translations). The team is seriously activating its blog.
Babelians in Berlin had initially launched the blog for its which was a very successful event bringing together lots of journalists from all over Europe. The team is now reporting on the . The newly established team is running its blog like champs as well, in both English and French. Stay tuned for the soon-to-be launched Warsaw blog.

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Many thanks to all the teams who have contributed to the video!

7th Birthday

: The blog was launched by the NGO CERES. Stay tuned for more info on Cornwall, on the Coast of the UK, and its amazing scenery.


: welcome the new French blog , a personal initiative, and , a blog on social technologies seen through European eyes, translated in English and Lithuanian.

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finally launched its English versions for all the football fans who didn't speak Lithuanian. GOOAAAAAAL!!

New linguistic version: Football Province

: on the blog with more than 8 comments.

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US elections have been a recurring theme with posts on , and . You can also contribute to the forum discussion on "?"

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