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Article published on June 9, 2009
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Article published on June 9, 2009
Newropeans wants to thank all its voters, supporters and members who made possible this historic premiere of a single political movement presenting the same programme to 130 millions European voters in different EU member states.

Despite its lack of financial resources, a blockade by most national media, in particular televisions, and very nationalist campaigns for this European election, Newropeans inaugurated trans-European campaigning for a European election : millions of Europeans have seen or heard the Newropeans video-clips in the official campaigns, hundreds of thousands have visited our websites and dozens of thousands have voted for us.

Too few to make a political difference ... yet! But enough to allow Newropeans to prepare from today on the next five years leading to the 2014 European Election.

Let’s keep in mind that 4 years ago, when Newropeans was created, it only had 20 members ... and nothing else but the will to push forward the agenda of Europe and democracy!

At a time when abstention reaches a new record high, when extremist parties are progressing all over the EU, the threats to European democracy are bigger than ever.

Therefore Newropeans has decided to sign the charter of the newly launched ’European Democratic Front’, whose objective is to gather all those social, cultural and political forces willing to prevent the EU to fall in the hands of non democratic leaders and parties.

Meanwhile it calls all its voters, supporters and members to get ready for allowing Newropeans to be successful accross the EU in June 2014!

The fate of Europe and Democracy is more uncertain than ever. The fight for 2014 starts now!

At least one political force will keep on talking about our common European future in the coming 5 years : it’s Newropeans!

Join us now ... the fight is only beginning!’

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