New Communications Officer - Introducing the Swedish Presidency

Article published on July 6, 2009
Article published on July 6, 2009
The time has so come for the Scandinavian giant to act president, setting the agenda for the remainder of 2009. 

My name is Anna Sennö and I am European, from the south of the north, Scandinavian, Swedish, Scanian and Malmöitian. I have now been a member of the cafebabelian team in Paris for about a month, doing an internship as Communications Officer, until the end of August.  From the first of July, Sweden is hosting the Presidency of the European Union, turning the eyes of European affairs to the north of our continent. has to date been active all around Europe, however the Scandinavian peninsula has remained somewhat unexplored. The Swedish agenda was communicated at a press conference hosted by the Swedish embassy in Paris last Thursday, July 2nd. As I attended the conference and absorbed the structured scenery, I also discovered the official three-folded agenda with a transcending thematic of crisis: The three crisis will be addressed, discussed, but hardly solved by having a Swedish Presidency during the next six months, knowing that any given  to the three crisis would need a democratic attachment and a people's participation to be valid, efficient and pursued. Financial Global Crisis Environmental Global Crisis Structural Crisis of the European Union


The democratic attachment is probably one of the most alarming crisis to the European project, but it is a crisis that seemingly is left to the outskirts of the agenda. I have been specialising in European communication during my seven years within the academia, happy to be in Paris and taking part of I hope to be able to produce a communicative path directed towards a growing readership, community and participation from the Nordic regions. Please do join in, participate and share your Scandinavian moments with us by becoming a member of our community, writing articles and/or creating a blog through our network. You can reach me at All the bestAnna Sennö