Mystic crypts

Article published on April 6, 2008
Article published on April 6, 2008
Pécs is the capital of Baranya County in the region of Southern Transdanubia, this is the fifth largest town in Hungary. Situated at the southern foot of the Mecsek Hills.
Pécs is famous for its Mediterranean climate,

good wines (wine making has long traditions in the area) and a lot of

historical sights: Turkish slim minaret, excellent Zsolnay ceramics, Csontváry

paintings and Vasarely patterns.

Pécs was the site of the ancient Roman settlement of Sopianae and in 1009 it became a Roman Catholic bishopric. By clicking here you can take a virtual tour in Pécs.

pecs4 Some places of the city has become part of the World Heritage Site in 2000 by UNESCO, for instance, the crypts from Roman times.


pecs3 In the 4th century the Paleochristian community built several zions and chapels, mausoleums, tombs in its cemetery.

pecs5 These buildings have special kind of paintings, they are comparable only with the Roman catacombs’ painting. On the wall we can see Paleochristian symbols: pigeon, Christ’s monogram, the mug and the glass,

pecs6 and scenes from the Holy Bible: Adam and Eve, Peter and Paul apostles, Maria and Jesus, Daniel prophet at the cave of the lions, The Three Kings, the story of Jonas. By these wallpaintings we can follow up how developed the culture of the Christians is.