Museum Night Fever

Article published on March 2, 2014
Article published on March 2, 2014

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For those who were in Brussels this weekend you may or you may not have been part of the 15 500 visitors for the sold out Night Fever Exhibition. The exhibition was a collection from all the types of arts spread over 24 of the best museums the small European capital has to offer. Electronic setups in classical chambers, live music inside the ruins of the city as well as performers on the transport to and from the museums, all contributed to satisfy the senses whether you are artistic or not. If you were even luckier you were perhaps in the 4 000 that grabbed a bracelet for the Bulex after-party, where you danced until danced until 6 am.

What did you miss?

Ok so perhaps you did you go to Night Fever and were among the ….. who visited the……. and saw………Or you took the ……line to and went with another …….. to see… To commute between museums the organizers rent buses from Stib and created their own lines with a bus every 10 minutes. The buses were also animated by performers such as street poets who would read passages from famous poems, keeping the artistic hype alive even between museums. For a deeper dive in modern art, the red line took visitors to a revamped Wiels brewery museum hosting a minimalist exhibition by Franz Erhard Walther in joint collaboration with performers of P.A.R.T.S dance school. At the main hall visitors could enjoy a Duvel in the redesigned interior of the factory next the huge coppery bellies which ones brewed Belgium’s first lager. Like many others this exhibition offered the possibility to take part in the artistic process and occupy the work of art yourself. A stop further for the more adventurous ones, the fantastic arts exhibition expected its guest with spooky animators an impressive gothic collection, sculptures of mythical creatures as well as horror movie objects. Like all museums it had its own bar, but this one had a particular selection of gothic and folklore themed beers.

Auteur: Dimitri PARASKEVA