More than the end of Europe, I see the end of State countries..

Article published on March 25, 2010
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Article published on March 25, 2010
Rumour has it in Greece that the last conflict "division" between Germany and France for the greek sake, is the beginning of the end of the European Union... I wouldn’ t bet on that. I was in a taxi the other day with a lawyer, he was around 60 and he was pessimistic and tired and fed up. He talks about the crisis and the years to come that are going to be tough for Greeks.
After a while he refers to the EU, "what Europe? Do you see any political cohesion? Is just about a monetary union..and that will come to an end"

I resent: "Sir, either you like it or not, Europe is here! For the eurogeneration, Europe is what we know, we can not think whithout Europe. You know, I have more things in common with a young German than I have with you. We travel freely within Europe, we study in european universities, we speak foreign languages, probably we watch the same videos in YouTube and listen to the same music, we equaly worry about the future of our planet and the environment to raise our children.."

I am passionate about that! I have more things in common with my babelian fellows than I have with the generation of my parents, of the greek politicians and their way to handle future.

The global crisis, the Greek scandals (Siemens, speculators of the global market, spreads) has showed with flying colors that States are obsolete and easily corrupted Institutions.

What is a State actually? (please note the difference with Nation). Political personnalities, who make decisions, (and bad ones for decades if we reffer to the Greek State), they have probably never worked in their life,or even families that switch between them roles and offices (see Karamanlis - Papandreou family). They created a hypertrophic state of public servants, giving promises that could not keep...

Not to mention their full corruption from multinational corporations..

I choose not to bet my future on their ability to make decisions...