MJAFT! Putting an End to Apathy!

Article published on Dec. 30, 2009
Article published on Dec. 30, 2009
Author: Lea Linin Your endeavours for a better society should always start by enunciating MJAFT!. But, you shouldn’t stop here. Going the extra mile is what counts. Say yes to romantic and idealistic inclinations, but also be firm in your actions in making these ideas work. All matters revolutionary and anti-apathetic are being elaborated by Ardit Rada, the Media Coordinator of MJAFT!
Movement, Albania. Let’s take a leaf from their book!

When translated Mjaft! means Enough!. What made you say Enough!? Could you provide us with a little background on how the movement was established?

It was December 2002 when a group of young people began discussing the socio-economic situation in Albania. During that time Albania had too many problems with democracy, especially the high level of corruption. So, we had two opportunities – to work for our country or to go somewhere else for studies or work. We thought that everything was possible in Albania, but first of all, we had to say “enough” to the apathy of the citizens and then to the political problems in our country.

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