Miss the Brussels Summer Festival? Never.

Article published on July 16, 2017
Article published on July 16, 2017

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The Brussels Summer Festival returns for its 16th edition with an amazing program . This year more than 120,000 visitors are expected to attend the only festival in August in the very heart of Brussels. Here are 10 reasons to go to this 10-day festival that will give rhythm to the city.

Diversity, key word of the festival

The BSF is just for you because it has everything to offer: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro, Jazz ... The music is so varied that the only thing you can do is love it. Music diversity is a reflection of the cosmopolitan city of Brussels. Thanks to this eclectic program, you will certainly find your happiness, and you will also be able to discover other music styles.

It is the opportunity to enjoy the summer while staying in Brussels

You are not going on vacation this summer? Do not be sad because you can still enjoy your vacation. The 10-day pass gives you access to the festival, but it also offers discounts at the festival’s partners. The pass gives you discounts at about twenty museums, and for other activities such as escape rooms. You can find the full list of benefits here.

An eco-friendly festival

Like most festivals, the BSF chose to use eco-cups. These reusable cups help reduce waste, and maintain a «clean» festival. The cleaning service of the City of Brussels will ensure the cleaning of the various places throughout the festival so that the streets of the city are not damaged. Concerning public transport, the STIB (The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) will reinforce the NOCTIS (The nocturnal bus network operated by the STIB), so that the festival goers can return home peacefully after the festival.

An attractive program

Major artists of the Belgian or international scene will be present for this 16th edition of the festival. On this list you can find Puggy, Boulevard des Airs, Jain, Henry PFR, Milow, Trust, MHD ... and many others. The program is powerful in its diversity and allows artists from different worlds to mix.

The city serves as a stage set

The setting of the festival is unprecedented. Watching a concert at the top of Mont des Arts – that makes an impression! The BSF makes it possible to discover the city in a new light, and the concerts have another flavor in these mythical settings. They will take place in four different locations: Place du Musée, Madeleine, Mont des Arts and Place des Palais.

The opportunity to discover new artists

The advantage of festivals is also in discovering new artists. Whether these are the emerging artists, or just artists you do not know yet, the BSF allows you to diversify your playlist. This festival can also become an opportunity to find your favorite music, why not.

The BSF is also the opportunity to finally pay attention to songs that we all know without really knowing the artist. The general public heard the song "Welcome Home" thanks to the camera ad. The band Radical Face will be present at the BSF, which is a great opportunity to discover them.

A festival cheaper than a week of holidays

For more than 90 concerts prices remain affordable. The 10 day pass is € 62 until August 5th. Taking into consideration that the festival is right in the city center, there is no need to pay more for camping accommodation (as it is the case at most festivals). Here you just need your pass and public transport!

The advantage of open-air concerts

The month of June was very hot, and the heat risks to last for the whole summer. The BSF offers outdoor stages, which is not something to be ignored! It will be easier to breathe in the open air, and it will be more pleasant to enjoy the concerts.

Enjoy the song "Brussels" by Boulevard des Airs

The French band released their third album entitled "Brussels" in 2015. Last year the song with the same name was playing endlessly on all radio stations. On August 14 they will finish their tour by the Brussels Summer Festival. This will be the chance to listen to the live rendition of the song “Brussels” ... in Brussels!

The surprising logo of the festival

The festival logo is amazing! Emmanuel Romeuf created this logo as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of René Magritte's death. Besides, the Magritte Museum is located in Rue de la Régence, in the heart of the festival. It will be an opportunity to go there between the concerts and have a look.

Are you convinced? All you have to do now is purchase your pass! 10-day passes are available, but you can also buy day passes if you only want to see your favorite band. You can find all the information on the website of the BSF. Do not forget to download the application that will allow you to organize your schedule according to the concerts you do not want to miss.