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Article published on June 8, 2014
Article published on June 8, 2014

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Edna was in New York once ... though it was only in her dreams. You can talk to her for a long time about nations. She doesn’t really like this concept though. Cafebabel is like her morning coffee.

Café Babel: Can you describe yourself in two words?

Edna Imanovic: Je, moi.

CB: What do you do as a job?

EI: I am a studying to become a French and History/Politics teacher. Soon I will be the only one left in the class.

CB: What is your favourite meal?

EI: Vegetable lasagne followed by apple strudel with vanilla sauce

CB: What is your favourite European nationality?

EI: I would gladly discuss the concept of “Nation” or “Nationality” with you in the comments below! I don’t believe in segragated, homogenous nations so I don’t have a favourite nationality.

CB: When did you write your first article for Café Babel?

In April 2014.

CB: What is the craziest dream you ever had?

EI: A very intensive sightseeing tour round New York. I’ve never been to America though.

CB: In one word: What does Café Babel mean to you?

EI: CaféBabel is a chance for me to be indirectly in contact with the rest of Europe and with people who resemble my Erasmus friends. Reading CaféBabel is like a daily exchange over coffee and cake on topics which move young people in Europe above all. Naturally, this means that different languages are also at play.

CB: What is your favourite column in Café Babel and who is your favourite author?

EI: Politics! There I can look beyond Austria’s fence.

My favourite author is José Vicente Bernabeu because I can hear his voice when I read his articles and because my limited knowledge of the language is constantly being improved by reading them.

CB: What is the most stupid thing you’ve ever done?

EI: Je ne regrette rien!

CB: What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited in Europe?

EI: The south coast of Albania at the border with Greece. The stuff of dreams!

CB: What does Europe mean to you?

EI: Working together and thinking together. But also most notably solidarity, tolerance, and the normalisation of hybridity and diversity.