Man at Sea imprisons immigration drama

Article published on Feb. 18, 2011
Article published on Feb. 18, 2011
After a five-year absence from the big screen, acclaimed director Konstantinos Giannaris returns with the Panorama Special presentation Man at Sea. Starring Antonis Karistinos, the film follows a captain’s struggles to save a band of illegal Middle Eastern immigrants he salvages off a stranded raft.
Focusing on his efforts to help them enter the EU contrary to his shipping company’s orders, Man at Sea marks a return to the Berlinale for the multi-awarded Giannaris, whose Hostage played in Panorama in 2005, while One Day in August featured in the main competition in 2001.

“I wanted to make a film that comes from the viewpoint of a working-class European, rather than that of the immigrants”, Giannaris tells Cineuropa, explaining that he was interested in exploring “the stages of racism, to see how that man would react when he had to handle a situation of life and death.”

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