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Article published on July 16, 2007
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Article published on July 16, 2007
You might consider some aspects of maintenance, such as the speed of uploading your BabeBlog. You do want it to be quick and flashy, don’t you? Now keep in mind that all photos must be in size of 200 x 120 pixel. There are many ways to make you blog and images web friendly. Usually you have to download a program for resizing photos.
Use either a Photoshop or an ACDSee program, or one of the many other programs for resizing and resuming you might already have on your computer. I would suggest a short free download program, offered by Microsoft, the Image Resizer here Or using one of Microsoft Picture Library or Photo Editor that come with the Microsoft Office kit. Once you find this little „doodle” program that should be within you Office programs, just pick your image, click Edit, then Edit picture and Resize. Choose and adjust the 200 x 120 pixel photo size! Then click Save for your new image. Resizing an image does not affect the quality of your picture; just make sure you maintain the same resolution and just work with the pixel dimensions instead. This way you will have a decent sized image that can be posted on your blog and downloaded fast.

Other hints for better usage and maintenance of your BabelBlog will be posted soon!

A big hug for all Babelians and keep up the good work!