Looking for tickets desperately

Article published on May 20, 2008
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Article published on May 20, 2008
In Cannes, the accreditations make a lot of envious. Near the Palace, a true “hunting for tickets” is open. Evening dresses and small papers are required. Meeting with one of them. Does it really work “hunting for tickets”? With a placard like this, it does not work very well. The most important is to act discreetly, to speak with the people… But day after day, it becomes more and more difficult.

Why do you absolutely wish to see the films here whereas they will be released in very little time?

I’m doing that because it is the Cannes Film Festival and for all the glamour which is related to it.

Are there some tricks to obtain tickets and which are they?

To have a badge (laughs). Initially what is necessary, is to know and identify the accreditations. Each colour refers to a profession: distributor, producer,… We can then approach people. We have to be daring!

For information, our “friend”, who wished to stay anonymous, succeeded in obtaining a ticket for the special screening in tribute to Manuel de Oliveira while we were talking.