Looking Beyond Gadgets, Four Trends in Consumer Electronics

Article published on March 8, 2018
Article published on March 8, 2018

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Gadgets are what we almost cannot do without. From the inception of Technological development, we seem to be addicted and occupied with our gadgets no matter the functions they carry out. Nowadays it is normal to buy used iphone. People hardly ask themselves what drives the development of those gadgets or the function they will perform next? That is exactly what this article seeks to portray. Looking beyond the gadgets into the future trend.

Some IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) experts have come up with some trends which they believe will determine the next product development of consumer electronics companies around the globe. What this means that it is very likely that the next gadget you will have, will have these features.

1. Convergence of Home Networking Technologies

Creating a reliable “always on” connectivity is something consumers have been seeing more of since in 2012 with the convergence of home networking technologies. This has brought about a rich consumer experience creating the ability to use various types of devices on multimedia content as postulated by Oleg Logvinov, IEEE Standards Association Member

 “As our technologies become unified, consumers will be given the ability to monitor energy usage as a part of their daily routine,” He went further to state. “This function will become an integral part of the user experience, allowing them to modify their behavior to become more energy efficient.”

2. Intelligent Transportation (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has its major focus on the use of ordinary devices to make cars and buses to “communicate” with transportation systems. These ordinary devices can perform this function because they have been enabled with built-in custom software.

Developments in this area for ITS point towards a future where a streamlined traffic flow will be provided with the help of technology as well as a reduction in vehicular accidents and better usage of energy resources.

IEEE Senior Member Alberto Broggi lent his voice to support this view by saying that “Consumers everywhere will benefit from the advancement of ITS,”

“Vehicles will be able to monitor their surroundings and warn drivers of pedestrians, traffic patterns, and other vehicles, resulting in safer commuting. Advanced sensors will allow vehicles to detect and warn drivers of any immediate stops or dangers in the way of the vehicle, which can significantly decrease the likelihood of vehicle accidents.”

3. Multiplication of Drones.

Intel at CES introduced new drones. The models are now known with a special feature of smarter artificial intelligence and navigation sensors that help them avoid contact with humans or other objects.

There is the advent of 4k Camera drone like the Yuneec’s Q500 4K which  enables users to take photography and drone video in full 4K resolution. It has a 64GB micro SD card with an extra battery, as well as an extra set of propellers.

4. 4K TV.

4K and Ultra HD have been the buzzword from 2014 till date. 4K TVs are an improved way of how things used to appear in the screen: sharper details, smoother photographic emulsions because the screens have a 3840x 2160 pixels resolution which is way better and more detailed than 1920x1080 of HD TV. Ost TV manufacturers are now toeing this line.