Local businessmen really help Africa

Article published on June 24, 2015
Article published on June 24, 2015

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Throughout Africa, there are increasing examples of successful businessmen who are finding ways to give back to their countries and their communities. Their philanthropy combined with the example they set as committed businessmen is going a long way in helping the least fortunate of Africa improve their lives and get access to better opportunities.

Theophilus Danjuma, who set up the TY Danjuma foundation in Nigeria which does poverty, education, and health work; Aliko Dangote, who is providing funding for education, flood relief, and housing; and also Strive Masiyiwa, who is devoting large amounts of money to education in Zimbabwe. These are only a few of the hundreds across Africa who are doing everything they can to make a difference.

In Angola, one of those prominent names in business and philanthropy is Mirco de Jesus Martins, the businessman and step son of Vice President Manuel Vicente. Mirco de Jesus Martins first got his start in the energy industry, working as a junior engineer at BP. From there, he found success with his own petroleum services company, Vernon Group, and then he expanded into other sectors including finance, real estate, and communication.

His countless ventures and the several businesses that he has founded have helped bring money and jobs to the Luanda area and Angola in general. Through economic development and economic growth, Martins and many of the other businessmen in Luanda are changing Angola for the better. With his success in business established, Martins is now working a bit more directly on philanthropy and looking at the different ways he can help the disadvantaged in Angola.

One area where is hoping to make a difference is education. Martins himself credits many of his successes to his education. Before becoming a trained engineer at BP, Martins graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Salford in Manchester, UK. Then he started moving into other business sectors, he obtained master’s degrees in corporate finance and global management from the Thunderbird School of Management in the United States.

Access to high quality education has been critical for Martins’ success, so he is interested in providing those same types of advantages to those in Angola. In his private life, he has already begun sponsoring young Angolans who were determined to go to university, and now he is working on creating a sustainable foundation for this work.