Little White Lies, Potiche perform well in theatres

Article published on Nov. 19, 2010
Article published on Nov. 19, 2010
Released on a huge 629-print run by EuropaCorp Distribution, Guillaume Canet’s Little White Lies has so far drawn a total of 4.33m viewers (i.e. €26.6m in takings) and has seen a drop of only 10% in its fourth week. Still in second place in the weekly rankings with over 720,000 admissions, the film looks set to be the French box office’s big hit of 2010.

Another domestic title has got off to a flying start: François Ozon’s Potiche, which has attracted 875,000 viewers in its first week (Mars Distribution on 440 screens) and has enabled its director to find favour again with mainstream audiences.

In sixth and seventh places in the weekly rankings are two other French films distributed by EuropaCorp: Eric Lartigau’s The Big Picture, which has amassed 779,000 admissions in two weeks; and Luc Besson’s Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds (almost 2.9m viewers in total).

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