Lithuanian Prime Minister A. Kubilius has visited European Humanities University

Article published on March 28, 2009
Article published on March 28, 2009
© Novaja Europa magazine In the course of the meeting, Minister stated that Lithuania is in favour of Belarus having its place in Europe and stressed the importance of dialogue between Belarus and the European Union. "Belarus needs changes and the EHU community needs to inact these changes", - said Kubilius.

Prime minister replied to a number of questions from students, attended a student contemporary art exhibition. Regarding the issue of whether Belarus is ready to host EHU in Minsk, minister said " in the title of your university there is a name "European", so far only Lithuania is a part of Europe. We'll not give it (EHU) away!"

Fragments of the Prime Minister's speech and some students' questions:

Kubilius: I can tell you that Lithuania has always been in favour of Belarus having its place in Europe. We long fought for our independence and have been for the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union. If we look at a long-term perspective, I am sure the territory of the whole of the former Grand Dutchy of Lithuania is in Europe. Belarus needs changes and the EHU community needs to inact these changes...

MIkhailov: I know that in the past there was a branch of the Minsk Military School in the building where the EHU is now situated. We are now taking part in the process of transformation of this place into a different space where something different is happening. I believe we should take this opportunity to hear the questions from our students.

Question: What's your stance on the Atomic Power plant? Do you believe LIthuania may use it to import electricity?

Kubilius: I think your guys are too naiive about this whole thing... this takes time.That's one thing. I am not sure how rapid a pace the project will take in your state...Economic exchange is important between us. We are happy your entrepreneurs are using our port. The concern of our businessmen is whether Belarus will follow the rules of the common open and liberal European market, if this happens, business investment will flow from Lithuania.

Question: For EHU students there are no chances for enrollment in the Master-level studies at the Lithuanian universities. How justified is it?

Kubilius: I cannot clearly picture the situation, but so far the "admission offer" is applied solely to the citizens of Lithuania, so try to become citizens of Lithuania. We see serious demographic problems and support young families.

Question: What's the stance of Lithuania on Belarus participation in the Eastern Partnership initiative and Belarus participation in the Prague Summit?

Kubilius: EHU can be one of the most effective recipients of this programme. When discussing this initiative, many stated that European and humanity values should be the basis for participation in the EP. There is a link between this initiative and the behavior of the countries -recipients. As for the Prague summit, I think Belarus will be represented in Prague, yet the level of participation remains unclear.

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