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Article published on May 29, 2009
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Article published on May 29, 2009
European Union budget commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite won Lithuania’s presidential elections on May 18th 2009. The independent candidate won with over 66% of the vote. The country has been hit very hard by the crisis; this is why the Lithuanians elected someone experienced in economic and financial matters.
Grybauskaite is the first female president in the history of Lithuania but nobody would doubt that she’s able to handle the situation. Already being compared to Magret Thatcher, the “iron lady”, Grybauskaite shows her personal strength with a black belt in Karate. Which by the way, in combination with her excellent proficiency in Russian, could help to improve the country’s relations to Russia.

Grybauskaite1.jpg Her government will definitely not be euro-sceptic. Still, only 40 % of the Lithuanians plan to participate in the European elections. Maybe the Lithuanian citizens feel that they have now a perfect representative in Brussels: a woman who knows her way around in the EU and at the same time has the possibility to advocate Lithuanian interests in the Council of the European Union – the institution which most people consider to be more important than the European parliament.