Libertas! Eurosceptic party run in European elections

Article published on Feb. 9, 2009
Article published on Feb. 9, 2009
Declan Ganley, the wealthy Irish entrepreneur and architect of Ireland's 'No' vote on the Lisbon treaty, has created his own eurosceptic party called Libertas. Latest titbit of news from Brussels

The European parliament has recognised Libertas as a European political party and granted 200, 000 euros (£175, 280) of funding to finance its Europe-wide election campaign, for elections to EU parliament in June 2009. Graham Watson, pro-European leader of the parliament's ALDE (the alliance of liberals and democrats), welcomed the challenge: 'Libertas is doing Europe a favour by stimulating interest and debate about the EU. It is only in open debate that we can address the myths and falsehoods that they are perpetrating in their campaigns.'

'We can address the myths and falsehoods that they perpetrate' - Graham Watson

Nevertheless, the UEN (union for Europe of the nations) - the parliamentary group in which Libertas is likely to be integrated - is expected to be the big surprise of the elections and could well become the third main political force, overtaking the liberals.