Lewis: Mistreated

Article published on Oct. 21, 2007
Article published on Oct. 21, 2007
Well England were denied in the Rugby, but in a few hours we will see whether Britain's Lewis Hamilton can clinch the title in the Brazilian GP.
Given how much the Hamilton fairytale has reinvigorated F1 after some of the dross of previous seasons, it was suprising to read the following revelations in Saturday's Guardian,

Lewis Hamilton has been warned by motor sport's governing body to curb his celebrations if he wins the championship in the Brazilian grand prix....It emerged yesterday (Friday) that before the Chinese grand prix a fortnight ago...his team were told by the FIA that he should not dance or hug his father in the aftermath of victory

Apparently this is due to the 'hypersensitive' situation between Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso, but if these allegations are true it all seems ridiculously over zealous. Part of the attraction to events like World Championships is such moments, and it seems ludicrous that the FIA would seek to put such restrictions on their largest commercial asset and pasteurise the human element of the sport.

As is often the case, little is straight forward in the political theatre that is F1

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