Let’s talk about Europe!

Article published on April 28, 2009
Article published on April 28, 2009
Let’s talk about Europe! This debate is part of the initiative « National Civil Forum for the European elections ». The European Information Centre Europe direct, Café Babel Sofia, the Centre for Policy Modernisation and the portal Europe have the pleasure to invite you to the debate Let’s talk about Europe! on the European elections of 2009. What Europe do we want?
Is the voice of the young people heard in the European parliament? What are the main issues? …

The aim of the debate is to talk about all these issues around a tea cup.

If you have interest on the European Union and the role of the Youth in its future, please welcome!

Place: the Teahouse, 11 Benkovski Street / 10 am

Contact: Maria Nikolova / maria@europe.bg