La Parisienne’s Grand Game

Article published on Dec. 22, 2007
Article published on Dec. 22, 2007
To celebrate Colonel Kadhafi’s departure, Café Babel-La Parisienne organize a grand game and would love its beloved readers to chip in! As you all know, Muhammar Kadhafi, it’s a self-declared leader of the Arabic world, it’s a 10 billions euros visit, it’s an erratic respect for human rights.

But Kadhafi is more, it is a cult of personality that would make Mick Jagger dead jealous, it’s a certain idea of housing and a certain conception of interior decoration and it’s surely a genuine flair for choosing bodyguards… all in all, Khadafi is the rock star in international relations.

La Parisienne is then asking you this question: on the following picture, who is the celeb the Colonel makes you think of?

In the editorial staff we all have our own ideas on that matter, but we are waiting for yours. The best comments, the funniest and the most original will gain our everlasting respects.