Kind of Green: is sustainable development possible during crisis?

Article published on Nov. 22, 2009
Article published on Nov. 22, 2009
Sofia is the first destination chosen for the project « EU Crisis on the ground » funded by the European Commission. Through 11 debates in 11 different towns, the goals of the project are to promote the citizens' solutions and innovating initiatives in the economical and social field against the crisis and to question how the European Union could provide solutions for the crisis.

During four days (26-29th November 2009), 5 journalists from Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and Seville will come in Bulgaria to write on different issues linked to the crisis. Their articles will be translated and published in 6 languages on

In this context, Cafe Babel Sofia will organize a debate on Friday 27th November (4-6 pm) on the following topic:

Kind of Green: is sustainable development possible during crisis?

The main issues that we would like to stress are:

- What are the effects of the economic crisis on the Bulgarian companies which committed to environmental standards?

- Could the Bulgarian business be sustainable in both economic and environemental way?

- What role for the NGO sector in enhancing the sustainable development policies in Bulgaria?

- What is the role of energy efficiency during the economic downturn? Is it mission impossible?

Speakers :

- Stoyan Faldjiyski (Cafe Babel Sofia / Time Foundation)

- Boyan Rashev (Denkstatt Gmbh)

- Borislav Sendov (political party The Greens)

- Petar Tashev (Facilities magazine) - to be confirmed

- Georgi Stefanov (WWF Bulgaria)

Moderator : Hristo Anastassov

The debate will be in English. A cocktail will follow the debate.

Where? Teahouse, Benkovski Street 11

When? Friday 27 Novembre, 4 pm

[((/public/sofia/generation89/KindofGreen_CafeBabelSofia.jpg|/public/sofia/generation89/KindofGreen_CafeBabelSofia.jpg]|C|kog, nov. 2009))