Karukoski’s Lapland Odyssey converts Finns

Article published on Oct. 21, 2010
Article published on Oct. 21, 2010
Released last Friday by Sandrew Metronome on 81 screens, Dome Karukoski’s comedy road movie Lapland Odyssey went straight to number one, beating Despicable Me (UIP) and setting a new record for a domestic film. With over 46,000 tickets sold, Karukoski’s fourth feature film had the strongest opening for a local film in 2010 and the fifth biggest opening for a local film in the last decade.
A well deserved success for a director in tune with local audience’s tastes who voluntarily broke away from his usual youth dramas to tackle a serious topic –unemployment in Lapland- in an entertaining way.

Right from the outset, Karukoski sets the tone and displays his directing skills. Describing a tree in the middle of a field of snow, where for generations his ancestors have hung themselves, the narrator tells in a matter of fact but very comical way, why Lapland has such a high suicidal rate.

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