Kanjano, what’s that?

Article published on April 22, 2008
Article published on April 22, 2008
Kanjano is a cartoonist from Sicily. Padania’s green corps are ready to defend the holy land of Padania, that in the mind of the Italian political party Lega Nord is supposed to be somewhere in the North of Italy. The green militia man is going to kick back home any strangers who can threat the Celtic roots of the Padanians.
«We doesn’t waste the money of the People of the North building lager, we burn ‘em all immediately!», he says.

During a three years long experience into ADV agencies he achieved a big ability in several illustration techniques: W/b, china ink, water pens (Pantone), watercolors, pastels, digital raster colorization, vector illustration tout-court. His art studies are quiet various: ha attended comic-stages, illustration courses (in Italy & in Germany) and a web animation course.

He collaborates with national and independent magazines, under and overground as well. Often he likes to team up with Ferro, who writes text of his works.

Right now he is part of M, the weekly satirical magazine of the Italian newspaper L'Unità.

Thyssen ThyssenKrupp AG is a very large German industrial conglomerate, with about 192,000 employees. The corporation consists of 670 single companies worldwide. On December 2007, a fatal fire accident inside a plant in Turin, Italy caused the death of seven steelworkers.

He got a Philosophy Master Degree with an aesthetics’ thesis about an Italian Comic author Andrea Pazienza.

He’s also engaged in “creative writing”: he writes for the anti-mafia sicilian journal Erroneo and for the journal from Rome bazarweb.

cosa_nosra.jpg The little man prays the octopus, symbol of Mafia. «Our Mafia in heaven… Protect us from the Court… Save us from the time of trial… Amen»

As he is a Sicilian little man he uses to greet you kissing the hand.

Kanjano in three steps:

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skype: kanjano00