Junker says no to austerity measures proposed by the Francogerman axis

Article published on Oct. 27, 2010
Article published on Oct. 27, 2010
Jan Claude Junker, the president of the Eurogroup spoke today against the German proposal for strict rules in the Euro-area.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel and French President Nickola Sarkozy, together from Dauvilee (West France) announced their common intention to propose strict rules for the members of the Eurozone, which include the removal of voting rights for those member states who do not align with the ''financial discipline'' as it is described in the Treaty.

''This (the removing of voting rights) is a road we can't follow'' said Mr. Junker.

However, Ms Angela Merkel stated from Berlin that ''it is true that a franco-german agreement is not the goal in Europe. Another true, however is that without an agreement between these two countries litlle can be done''.