Judey, Cafébabel's first cartoonist!

Article published on March 24, 2015
Article published on March 24, 2015

Cafébabel's gallant team have finally got their hands on our first cartoonist! The ample reward reflects the great efforts which went into finding him: his name is Judey, he lives in Liege and he describes himself as a specialist in time-travel, aliens and psychedelic monsters. He is also a big fan of black humour and ketchup. A meeting in pictures...

A First Meeting  

Cafébabel, February 10, 2015. After several weeks of exhaustive hunting, we are at an end. The circumstances seemed more hostile each day. Our hope of finding that precious prey had long since deserted us. And yet… suddenly he appeared, right before our eyes. Upon seeing us, he turned his eyes away from the Canadian comedy which had been the focus of his attention. "Hi, I'm Judey, I'm a cartoonist." We stood there astonished, speechless. He got up and came towards us: "You're just in time, I've got a big pot of ketchup pasta ready to go." Here then is a visual homage to this historical meeting. 

Hi Judey! As you know, Cafébabel is a European magazine. So we're going to begin by testing your European convictions with this sadistic question: how would you define your idea of Europe through a drawing/cartoon strip? 

… not a bad comparison. Let's talk a bit about you. Looking at your work, we'd guess you were a meticulous and diligent kind of person. What does your workday look like? 

We were immediately won over by your humour which is rather… peculiar. What inspires you?

And to test your journalistic sensibility a little: which recent news story has particularly stuck with you?