Join us tomorrow for our next meeting : ''The ontology of the gaze''

Article published on Feb. 21, 2011
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Article published on Feb. 21, 2011
After the first debate about the dispute between Greece and FYROM over Macedonia,  Cafebabel Greece  starts a series of events adressing issues about Europe and Greece. Greece of the past, the present and the future will be in the centre of our event series.

Our next meeting is all about the..eyes!Have you ever look straight in the eyes an ancient Greek statue or a ''byzantine'' icon? Do they have something to tell us?This Tuesday, at Floral Cafe in the famous ''blue immeuble'' of the Exarcheia square, Stelios Theodorakis invites us to look the Greek civilization..straight to the eyes, in order to discover the ''ontology of the gaze''

From the static stuggle with Time expressed in the Greek statue to the eschatology of the ''byzantine'' icons, the quest for Truth vibrates Hellenism. The capture of Truth in the shape and especially in the gaze is stunning even today that the Western values have dominated. The ''greek gaze'', therefore, can reveal to us proposals for a post-modern ontology and anthropology...We grab a bottle of Agiorgitiko wine, we set sail for the most dynamic district of Athens, we ''trap'' some of Greece's future intellectuals and we wink to Sezan and his portraits while we are literally hidden behind Floral's bar within the ''blue immeuble'' of Athens. We examine the uniqueness of the Greek gaze in the history of humanity in order to understand who we are before we change the world..Where: Floral cafe, Exarcheia square, AthensTime: 18.30