Jobs, housing and education – main concerns for Romanian Youth

Article published on Sept. 17, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 17, 2007
According to a survey released by the National Authority for Youth, 97% of the young people declare themselves being concerned about getting a job, a better education and access to housing, since the prices rose very much on the market.

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On the other hand, young people have a law interest in politics or NGOs. Over 90% has never been a volunteer and only 20% discuss about politics. This happens mostly because young people don’t feel being of great importance in the decision making procedure and 64% consider that there is no political party in Romania that represents their interests.

Moreover, as the survey shows, they don’t feel having any support from the national authorities, do not even know all their rights. Only 6.5% have heard about the Youth Law, meanwhile 85% declare they haven’t benefit from any financial support from the public authorities.

In this context, the Government should run an information campaign, no just for letting them know their rights, but for raising awareness about the things they already enjoy, compared to some other European states.

There are a lot of public services they benefit of, just for being young; starting from free access to education, up to University level (in a context in which State Universities are better rated than the private ones), free medical services, priority in getting housing or a monthly amount for scholars, to paying half ticket for the transport or for cultural events.

As for their leisure time activities, 81.5% never goes to theatre, 77.1% states that going to cinema is not a habit for them, meanwhile 48% goes out in discos on regular basis. 39% never reads books and 41% does not practice any sport. Seems like the only constant activity is watching television, as 63% declared. Despite all these, 62% declare themselves pleased with the way their spending their free time and 76% with the living conditions.

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