Job-Geist: Labour in the spirit of 2014 life

Article published on Dec. 1, 2014
Article published on Dec. 1, 2014

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A series of interviews on work. Job-Geist wants to describe the struggles of making a living, but also the courage of innovating and pursuing your dreams.

"What do you do? Six interviews on work" is part of a web series called "JobGeist", where the Italian journalist Fran Atopos tries to address the topic of working as spirit of the time.

The labor market, along with that of education, are the fields where individuals have to fit in, striving and learning their limits and their potentials. These interviews took place in Rome and Athens, where also  was shot, with the collaboration of Café Babel Greece and the journalist Elina Makri within the project Mediane, . Check the video!

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