Jean-Luc Godard cancells his much anticipated appearance to Cannes following problems of "Greek type"

Article published on May 18, 2010
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Article published on May 18, 2010
"I will go until death with the Festival but I will not be taking a single step further. Following Greek type problems, I cannot be the person you require." Τhat is Jean-Luc Godard’s, (known to some simply as "God"), laconic message of excuse for Cannes no-show.

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What actually does it mean ‘I will go until the death with the Festival but I will not taking a single step further”?

Does it mean, ‘ok, Festival is a part of the cosmic nature of the cinema but nothing more, a part of mundane, worldly affairs but with nothing spiritual, worthy of giving my psyche..?’’

Who knows…

As for the Greek type problem, I wouldn’t analyze it further. I am touched by his sensibility and … I am confused.

Many people in Greece right now believe that Europe “gave us”, “sold us”. The target was not Greece but Euro, so Greeks were thrown to the bad lion (IMF) so the rest of the European countries can take measures to save their back…

Who knows? It may be so…

I am happy about what Godard said, I liked his aspect.

In an interview he also said, “When Greece is in crisis, I do not go to festivities”

“Greece is burning and Cannes is in its own planet”. This is the deeper meaning in the brief statement published in yesterday's «Liberation».

The newspaper's art editorial is illustrative and hard. Some wrote that Godard refuses to squeeze between Ferraris, sunburned bimbos and guys who smoke cigars. He refuses to become the showcase of this festival!

In another interview in the magazine «Les Inrockuptibles" he said: "Philosophy, Democracy, tragedy. All emerged from Greece. Do you forget what is the relationship between Philosophy and Tragedy? Without Sophocles there would be no Pericles. Without Pericles there would be no Sophocles.”

Just for the record, Sophocles wrote “Antigone”, THE PLAY.

You do not need any special scenic set, no background, no fancy or special clothes, no makeup, just good actors.

___1__1.JPG The play talks straight to the heart..

Godard has also said: "Cinema is not necessarily to be found in films."

That reminds me of Charles Baudelaire. Very few people know it but Baudelaire was the poet prophet of the cinema:

"We want to travel without steam or sail.

Propel your memories with their window horizon,

Illuminating the boredom of our prisons

Across the taut screen of our minds"

But all this has nothing to do with show business and Cannes Festival..maybe this is why I do not like spectacles and why Godard refuses to "go further"…