Japanese animation at Locarno

Article published on Oct. 7, 2008
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Article published on Oct. 7, 2008
The Locarno International Film Festival (LIFF) and the Turin National Film Museum are joining forces as part of a project devoted to Japanese anime (animated film) and manga (comic strips) that inspire such works.

A selective retrospective, a huge exhibition and a reference book collectively entitled Manga Impact - The World of Japanese Animation will aim to “(re-)introduce people in a comprehensive way to Manga and Anime, whose importance and impact we only partially understand in the West”.

From its origins to contemporary works, from commercial production to the most unconventional artists, the project will reveal the diversity of an artistic world whose influence extends well beyond Japan and Asia.

Manga Impact will be held during the 62nd LIFF (August 5-15, 2009) and at the Turin National Film Museum (September 16-November 15). Various events related to this initiative will be announced on the event’s website.

Mathieu Loewer cineuropa.org