It’s the story of the woman who saw the bear

Article published on May 16, 2008
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Article published on May 16, 2008
After Peindre ou faire l’amour, Jean-Marie et Arnaud Larrieu comme back to the Cannes Film Festival presenting in the Director’s Fortnight Le Voyage aux Pyrénées. Jean-Pierre Darroussin et Sabine Azéma are Alexandre and Aurore, a famous actors couple who are in the Pyrenean mountains to cure Aurore from her nymphomaniac crisis.
In these green landscapes, they meet some journalists, a wild woman, some curious people, a Bulgarian bear smoking on a roc, three singers-poets priests (whose the leader is played by the excellent Philippe Katerine), some mushrooms,...

This French comedy is a curious cinematographic object. The Larrieu brothers let their imagination wander in every direction. There are a lot of scenes irresistibly burlesques (maybe too much?). We are going literally from surprise to surprise so much that one could almost forget the initial plot to remember nothing but the concept of a film made of (good) sketches.

But the actors’ play is breathtaking especially during the last part of the film. Jean-Pierre Darroussin is brilliant in his character of protecting husband trying to cure his wife.

Listening to the public’s reaction during the screening and seeing the people waiting for the meeting with the film crew just after it, it is obvious that Le voyage aux Pyrénées will meet its audience when it will be released.


Le voyage aux Pyrénées directed by Jean-Marie et Arnaud Larrieu (with Sabine Azéma, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Amira Casar,…) Quinzaine des réalisteurs